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Listen  ~  Respect  ~  Trust  ~  Heal

Welcome to Neurowiring

My goal, through the use of Neurowiring and complementary techniques, is to assist you in letting the body inform the mind.  Neurowiring helps develop a more advanced awareness that can allow us ongoing access to our unique, powerful, and sometimes surprising insights. The practice of ‘allowing, listening, and surrendering’ opens the door to connecting us with our own inner authority in making practical life decisions with more self-assuredness and less ambivalence.

By passionately committing to the prefrontal cortex teachings and applications of Neurowiring, you are committing to exercising your potential to move towards greater health, healing and productivity. This decision in itself is a shift. It is the first step in allowing you to achieve a more purposeful direction as you move through life.

With an increased awareness and broader perspective, you are able to see more clearly and navigate with more confidence through what previously may have been perceived as a dilemma or insurmountable obstacle.

Knowing “Who We Are” can improve how we feel no matter what our genetic predisposition. We will observe this process as we engage in sessions which demonstrate for us how the body talks and how it slowly releases unwanted baggage. I have nearly 30 years of experience in assisting people in life-enhancing transformation through multiple disciplines in the fields of health yoga, neuroscience, and ayurvedics. Through focused balancing techniques, I provide assistance in making the inner journey, that encompasses the core mechanism of our central nervous system, to support achieving an overall state of health and well-being. As a certified TRE, Neurogenic Yoga Leader and NSF, I use various protocols to help you to initiate your self-transformation. In essence, on all levels, you hold the key, I am merely the facilitator or the guide. Commitment to the Neurowiring therapeutic sessions will not only motivate you through your progress expectations at the level of your mind, but will also surprise you, at the level of your ‘being’ with unexpected growth outcomes, that will beneficially impact both you and those you come in contact with.

The work I do in my studio is balanced and paced, and although primary focus is placed on needs assessment, through regular communication and ‘check-ins’, we work together on understanding and integrating preferences that may be unique to your experience and desired outcome. One surprising and exciting aspect of Neurowiring is there is not a requirement that it be location specific. My team and I have led workshops, seminars, and retreats worldwide—from cozy log cabins to private sailing vessels, to world class retreat centers and resorts, and of course, online. The science and practice of Neurowiring now has, across the world helped thousands of individuals, families, and companies as clients. In my practice, I’ve had the opportunity to assist in advanced circuitry training with professionals from The Colorado Ballet and various Denver collegiate and professional sports teams, as well as providing services to several local and regional first responder organizations.

It brings me great fulfillment to be able to help people learn not only to master their emotions, but also to build enhanced resiliency in becoming the best version of themselves possible. To observe an individual building their personal skills and developing a deeper understanding of the immense power behind their lifestyle choices --choices that directly impact the quality of their life experience, is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. By becoming self-reflective and aware of our conditioned behaviors, we can break cycles and patterns (some of which have been in place for generations) and replace them with new and more productive ways of showing up in the world. In this way, by moving closer to alignment with Who We Are with conscious intention, we place ourselves directly in the flow of achieving our life’s purpose, meaning and long term fulfillment.

If you are here because you are seeking relief from pain (physical or emotional)
and are looking to develop into your most healthy authentic self then you have come to the right place. 

Through our work together you can expect to:

  • Feel a sense of freedom
  • Reacquaint yourself with your physical body and emotional health to live a more fulfilling, happier life
  • Develop more loving and compassionate relationships
  • Gain clarity on your Life’s Purpose
  • Build a stronger practice through movement and stillness
  • Heal trauma, and much, much more…



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