Neurosculpting Meditation

Many ailments are due to lifestyle choices and can be healed or prevented.  When we become conscious of our conditioned behavior or habits, we can break patterns while introducing new ones that serve us better.  Through this work we uncover and clarify our Life’s Purpose.

Why Meditate?

1.    Balance your left and right brain getting the best from both brain hemispheres.
2.    End insomnia
3.    Conquer mental, physical and emotional health issues
4.    Increase happiness
5.    Increase memory
6.    Increase compassion
7.    Increase ability to be present in any given moment
8.    Lower stress
9.    Reduce anxiety

Using neuroplastic techniques, while immersed in yoga postures, creates a profound way to explore, understand and deepen your practice. 

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So What is Neuroplasticity?

The newly discovered principle of “neuroplasticity” means that our brain’s potential is not set at birth ~ we can actually strengthen and improve our brains in ways once believed impossible.

Let’s fortify the bridge between your brain hemispheres. Through a 5 step process (Neurosculpting Institute) which fuses neuroscience and meditation to help individuals harness the power of their self-directed neuroplasticity for optimal healing. The fusion of brain science and meditation will offer you unlimited potential.

You’ll learn to unleash limiting beliefs, fears and trauma and receive support on your path to finding grace in the human condition. Although many of us think of ourselves as thinking creatures that feel, biologically we are feeling creatures that think.

Gaining access to receive truth and certainty in life beyond beliefs and assumptions, which mask your own fear and uncertainty helps you gain access to your true self, your true mind and your true relationship in the universe. This, without distraction, will ground you and support you for your best and highest.

It is very essential for us to have a sound understanding of our true foundation that is not based on our assumptions on the things we think we know or we think we are. Together we discover where our weaknesses and strengths are and co-create a new story. I guide you to author your own story.



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